Curtain Configurator

Information on links, right and both sides

Right : The specified width and height dimensions apply only to the right curtain.

Both-Side : The specified width and height dimensions apply to both / one pair of curtains. You will receive 2 curtains consisting of one left and one right curtain.

Quantity : How many curtains would you like to have with the same dimensions? Attention! If you have selected "double-sided curtains" in the preselection, you will always receive 2 curtains (left and right / 1 pair each).


Information on dimensions

Width : Measure the area you want to cover with your curtain.

Height : Measure from the bottom edge of your rail / rod to the floor. Since the floor may have unevenness, measure the height several times and specify the smaller value.



Information about production

overlying : The curtain / drape will rest approx. 2 cm on the floor.

hovering : The curtain / drape will float approx. 2 cm above the floor (do not rest).

Please complete:




Here you will find your fabric selection. Load further fabrics from your favourites list or via the fabric finder.

villa-nova Drift FR Chalk V3058


Drift FR Chalk


You have chosen the fabric .

What type of pleated tape do you choose?


1 pleat

Pencil pleat


How many folds should your curtain have later?

  1. None
  2. Low
  3. normal
  4. many

Would you like an additional lining?

  1. none
  2. Cotton
  3. Polyester
  4. Dimout
  5. Blackout
You have chosen the XX pleat tape with XX pleats for your curtain with no additional lining.

You have chosen the XX pleat tape with XX pleats for your curtain with an additional XXX lining.

A beautiful curtain doesn't hang by itself. So that you can install your curtain directly, we need the following information.

Which eye colour would you like? The inner ring of the eyelets has a diameter of 40 mm.




No Extras

Pleat hooks

Clic glides

No Extras

Clic glides

What is the diameter of your rod?

  1. 10 mm
  2. 16 mm
  3. 20 mm
  4. 28 mm

What is the internal running width of your rail / rod?

  1. 4 mm
  2. 6 mm

Your finished curtain / drape hangs wide at the window when closed.

The dimension from the lower edge of your rail / rod to the floor is cm.

* incl. 19% VAT, incl. shipping costs