Sliding curtains –ahead in practicability and aesthetics

Sliding curtains

increasingly gain prestige as a modern alternative to conventional curtains. On one hand this is due to the fact that they are especially easy to handle, easy to maintain and versatile. On the other hand, they offer many interesting possibilities to position them in interior decoration.

Moreover, they can all be combined flexibly and creatively. While a curtain often comes along as a simple symmetrical pair, or can only be used in only one pulling direction, sliding curtains, by means of curtain rails attached to the ceiling, allow many directions of movement as well as combination of materials.

First of all, sliding curtains can be affixed individually to every window group, glass front or even hanging freely as a partition. From our range of fabrics, you may choose one or more cloth panels, which are then tailored to the room and processed – there are no limits in size or form here.

The possibility of combination

The combination of different cloth lines in one and the same room proves to be especially fancy: as an addition to an opaque cloth line as a way to darken the room, for example, comes a light, transparent cloth, and immediately the heaviness of a weighty cloth panel becomes a dynamic ensemble. It is also possible to combine two semi-translucent fabrics, which, if required, guarantee effective visibility and sun protection. If only a light alleviating effect is desired, you may just simply pull one of the two curtains away.

Basically, we differ in opaque curtains, half-transparent curtains and transparent curtains. Opaque curtains first and foremost serve as a reliable sun and visual blocker. When choosing an especially heavy fabric they may serve as an effective noise and cold protector. However, they can also be used as partition of a room, or a niche such as e.g., a changing area or a wardrobe.

If you wish to achieve an obscuration of a room you should choose an opaque curtain. With a semi-opaque curtain, you can regulate the light in a room after your own measure, it does not offer full darkening of the room but it provides a room with sunshine, with a pleasant soft light, as well as offers privacy. Especially with reddish, yellowish or terra cotta-coloured fabric panels, you may achieve beautiful light colourings and atmospheres.

Transparent panels are primarily of aesthetic benefit and enrich a space through a dynamic play with shapes and light behaviours. Here, too, beautifully dyed fabric webs are particularly effective. Transparent sliding curtains are a component of interior decoration that give a space dynamic and luxurious ambience. The peculiarity of sliding curtains is the possibility to choose freely and combine all of this, always in an optimal alignment to your room and the possibility to style spontaneously. Sliding curtains can be ordered in individual sizes and from all fabrics of our product line. Since they are generously measured panel curtains one-coloured solutions are quite popular and impressive, here the combination of different colours is of allure. In addition to the classics in shining white and beige, a further curtain can be applied in a pastel or Mediterranean look.

Whoever is brave can also opt for more powerful colours. Patterns and prints are also part of the range of sliding curtains. For example, how about a big panel curtain with a tasteful beach panorama or night sky?

The technique

The systems of the sliding curtains are affixed solidly and discreetly to the ceiling. The carriages integrated in the curtain rails hold the panels, which can be guided safely and easily to any position. The fabric panels are fastened to this by means of a Velcro strip, which leads to an easy attachment and removal option. That time has gone, where you had to detach loop for loop from the conventional curtain rod. Now, the exchange of the curtain is a children's play! A weighting rod is inserted at the lower end of the fabric, which ensures a perfect fall of the curtain. The curtains can be moved either by a sling bar, a cord pull or simply manually, whereby all curtains can be moved freely and independently from one another. Up to five rails are possible in one rail system, which allows a wide range of combinations of different fabrics.

Fabric types and care

Choose one or more fabric panels from our variety of high-class fabrics, for your sliding curtain. Polyester-cotton-blends are especially easy to clean and can simply be washed in the washing machine. The same goes for sturdy polyester and polyacrylic fabrics.

However, also noble fabrics such as satin, saiblé or burnout can be cleaned easily. Thanks to the modern suspension system of sliding curtains you can save yourself a complicated disassembly. The curtains are simply loosened from the Velcro tape of the panels and reattached easily after cleaning.

Sliding curtains - a lasting, modern choice

With a sliding curtain, you are choosing a technical matured and flexible type of curtains. With a rail system, you can install, exchange and combine as many lines as you want.The advantages of the sliding curtain is the great adaptational skill to the room, the uncomplicated management, and the modern optical versatile effect.